Are you an immigrant and you do not speak Italian well? Do you want to learn to read and write? Do you need a certificate (CILS)  for a residence permit? Scuole Senza Permesso schools are open to people from all over the world, even if they do not have the proper papers to legally stay in Italy.

In Scuole Senza Permesso schools, students and volunteers, who participate in the schools’ activities free of charge, come together in an exchange and context of fellowship.


Scuole Senza Permesso schools are created to:

  • learn a new language, which is an instrument to improve your knowledge
  • experience intercultural relations;
  • share commitment and start paths to solidarity;
  • further elements of civic education in order to facilitate social interaction and promote the knowledge and use of local services;
  • consciously affirm individual and collective rights.

In every school there are different levels of learning, from the beginner to the advanced level.

Several schools in the Scuole Senza Permesso network specifically prepare students for the Certificazione dell’italiano A2 certification, which is necessary to obtain a long- term residence permit.

The same certification is part of those obligations under the new law to help you get the necessary points for a residence permit. (It is mandatory for immigrants who have entered Italy legally from December 9, 2012).

Classes are held during the daytime and in the evenings, and some courses are for women only.

Except for small contributions, the schools are mostly free.